Our company help your audience get the feeling of your event by producing quality visuals. We are known for creating all kinds of videos for events such as: • Shakedown Festival • Together the people • Mamothfest (Heavy Metal Festival) • Mutations (Gospel Music Festival) • The 20th Birthday of SKINT Records, featuring Fatboy Slim. • Tide of light (Worthing’s biggest yearly festival) • South Coast Fighting Championship in Eastbourne • Gym Xtreme Fight Night.
So why not get in touch with us today, we will make sure that we help you to show atmosphere and energy that comes with you event.

  1. One of the biggest electronic music festivals in South England - SHAKEDOWN
    Shakedown 2015 Official After-Movie
  2. Exclusive SKINT private party footage featuring Norman Cook ( Fatboy Slim ).
    20 years of being SKINT. The 20th Birthday bash (Noise Reel extra)
  3. Worthing's famous lantern parade .
    PP - Tide of Light Worthing 5th November 2014
  4. Fight Night , boxing battle .
    PP - Michał Wróbel vs. Patryk Zasadowski Fight